Fuego: attack any ranged target for 2 burn

        Forzare: attack any ranged target for 1 bruise and manuever them back 1 step

        Fulminos: attack up to 3 ranged targets in a 10' area for 1 burn each   

        Aquilevitas: blasts a current of water at an opponent which renders them unconscious unless resisted with endurance   

        Geodas: immobilize a ground target for 2 rounds or until resisted with might   

        Ventas: manuever a creature 2 steps in any direction unless resisted with might   

        Dormius: target creature sleeps until woken by an ally or damaged; resisted with discipline   

        Hexus: jam technology in a 10' radius or item


The Sight   

        Psychomentry: read the history of an item you touch   

        Soulgaze: look at another player's character sheet for 1 minute, but they may also look at yours

Creature Features   

Inhuman Abilities   

        Speed: burn 1 fate to get an extra action each round for 1 scene (10 minutes)   

        Strength: +1 to might, +1damage to  fists, weapons, and athletics (thrown items)   

        Toughness: all attacks against you cause -1 damage   

        Recovery: burn 1 fate to recover 1 health each round until fully recovered; taking an action disrupts recovery



True Faith