Corner of My Eye –get a second chance on any alertness draw

            On My Toes - +2 to initiative

            Paranoid? Probably – you never suffer penalties from surprise


            Acrobat – +1 to dodge, and suffer no damage from falls

            Fleet of Foot; +1 to move when sprinting

            Mighty Leap – spend one fate to move 4 spaces, or melee with a flying target.


            The Big Picture – spend ten minutes casing facility to give it +2 or -2 security

            Cat-Burglar – use burglary instead of stealth to hide or skulk

            Hacker – use burglary instead of scholarship to conduct research


            Ear to the Ground - draw a clue from the rumormill

            I Just Know the Guy - gather information about any facility or non-player character

            Rumormonger - plant a clue in the rumormill


            Devout Words – spend 1 FP to gain +1 defense to anyone who can hear you for a scene (10 minutes)

            Tower of Faith – spend 1 FP to ignore the effects of all tags for 10 minutes

            Person of Conviction – spend 1 extra FP to learn any True Faith power as a stunt


            Car Mechanic - restore any vehicle in a scene (10 minutes)

            Demolitions Training - may use craftsmanship to safely handle and use explosives

            Monkey with a Wrench - dismantle any vehicle or tech item


            Document Forger –you may recover a fate you have just traded deceitfully

            Pick-Pocket – use deceit to filch items from persons or facilities, versus alertness

            Takes One to Know One – use deceit instead of empathy to detect lies


            Calm Blue Ocean - +2 resisting emotional control

            Supreme Concentration – spend 1 FP to have fantastic discipline for 10 mins

            Unshakeable – once per game, you may deny a redraw, opponents FP goes to you.


            Hit and Run - use your vehicle to attack for 2 bruise; defenders may dodge with athletics; successful attack destroys vehicle

            Pilot - you may pilot airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc.

            Shake the Tail – when you are driving a vehicle, opponents are -4 to track you

Empathy –

            Read the Surface - interact with another player, on a successful draw, opposing player must reveal all of their stunts or powers to you

            The Social Graces - your empathy is fantastic on any defense

            Won’t Get Fooled Again – once you discover you have been lied to, gain +2

Endurance –

            No Pain, No Gain – extra health level

            Tireless – spend 1 FP to have fantastic endurance for 10 minutes

            Tough Stuff – armor +1 versus bruises


            Killer Blow – spend a fate; fists do 3 damage (bruise) on a success, and opponent is stunned next round (Knockdown)

            Martial Artist – may use fists to defend against might or weapons; disarm

            Footwork – may use fists to dodge attacks


            Pin Them Down – sacrifice a turn aiming to gain a +4 bonus to hit ranged target

            Target-Rich Environment - +1 to attacks when you are personally outnumbered

            Rapid-Fire – sacrifice your ammo to make 3 attacks in one round, attacks are -1


            Interrogator – interact with another player, on a successful draw, opposing player must reveal one of their aspects to you

            Rule with Fear – use intimidation instead of presence

            You Don’t Want Any of This – gain a +2 bonus to brush-off


Listening – you can hear eavesdrop on conversations without being there

Pin the Tail - once you have a visual on someone, they cannot escape from you for the scene (10 minutes)

Quick Eye – you are the first to spot details at a crime scene


            Vampirologist - +1 on all challenges versus vampires and their ilk

            Thaumaturgy – you may learn Thaumaturgy powers as a stunt

            Finely Tuned Third Eye +2 to detect supernatural presence


Bend and Break – increase damage to items

Mighty Thews – +2 to lifting

Wrestler - +1 to grapple, plus you may render victim unconscious on a crit


            All Eyes on Me - spend a FP to distract everyone in a 10' area for 1 round; may be resisted with discipline or

            Poet –  grant audience  +1 on any skill you choose for 10 minutes   

            Pointed Performance – grants audience -1 on any skill you choose for 10 minutes


            Leadership – remove effects of 1 tag from any ally;

A Little Help From My Friends – increase your presence by number of allies in a 10’ radius

The Weight of Reputation –may use presence instead of intimidation


            Best Foot Forward – if used first, target player may not initiate a challenge on you

            Let Me Tell You a Story – use Rapport instead of Deceit

            Sex Appeal - +2 to seduce people attracted to those of your gender


Lush Lifestyle – bank items cost you 1 fate less, but you must spend at least 1

Effective Management – earn 1 fate for each property you own , each game night

Windfall – once per game, you can tap into resources and receive a level 4 item


Doctor - use scholarship to restore 2 health levels instead of one; burn 1 FP to restore someone to full health

Chemist - spend 1 fate to create 3 antidotes; each antidote will remove the effects of one tag for 10 minutes

Linguist – if it’s written in a real language, you can understand it

Stealth –

Blend In – +2 to stealth where there is a crowd

Stay Close and Keep Quiet –allies in your vicinity may use your stealth bonus

Swift and Silent – Move at normal rate while hidden


            Equestrianism – you can ride a horse (move 3) use survival instead of driving; +1 to all physical actions when mounted

            Go Native - +1 to scavenge; endurance,

            Hunter - +2 to track something in the wilderness or outdoors


            Good Arm – may use weapons instead of athletics to throw item

            Juggler – may use weapons to defend against a thrown attack, catching item

            Dual Wielding – get half the damage of your off-hand weapon



            Wall of Death